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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Why can't I play poker every day?

I have to admit... I've been lazy. For the last two and a half weeks I've been only running my Poker Bot.

The other programs seemed promising as well, but I just haven't had the time lately to sit down and really give them a thorough test.

Pokerbot-Pro obviously runs automatically. Just a no-brainer for me right now.

Monday, March 06, 2006

I’m getting too greedy

I’m totally stressing out trying to run both PokerRNG and Pokerbot-Pro at the same time. I don’t think it’s possible. Maybe someone can give me some tips. But I don’t think it’s possible; firstly an ‘automated’ bot like pokerbot-pro does all the work for you. It’s great actually. That’s the 2nd best part for me.

It’s truly like a home business. A business you don’t have to lift a finger to get running actually. But the only probably useful purpose I found running both the bot and RNG simultaneously was that I can compare (track) which software is performing (profiting) better.

It may just end of confusing me. I’m working on a system to compare and find relevant data.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'm obsessed

Ok, so I've been running PokerRNG for 4 hours now. Interesting. So far so good. Well, let me clarify...

It's only been 4 hours and the software has been solid. But I'm not convinced yet. I mean it could be like betting on the red/black at the roulette wheel. It could be falling on red for the last four hours and then suddenly fall on black and stay there for the next 40 hours.

Only time will tell. So far so good so I obviously will stick with it.

I did come across a very similar product called PowerPokerWizard. This RNG software seems to hail from England, but basically offers the same service: tracking the randomn number generators.
It seems to be offered at a different price, but I will stick with PokerRNG for now. I wanna see what this baby can do.
If it can make any money, and I mean ANY money I will be thrilled. I never complain about the size of a profit.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

2 weeks running...

It's been about two weeks now since ordering the Pokerbot-pro. I have to say that I'm impressed. I mean, it doesn't look like it's going to make me a millionaire, but regardless the software seems to work. It could be that I'm just simply not playing with a big enough roll, but so far I'm pleased with the results.

I started with $200 and sat down at the 2-4 tables. It took about 3 days to win my initial $199 investment back. 3 days to win two hundred... not quite the results the website said to expect. But $200 in 3 days was still impressive considering that I was prepared to accept a total let down.

So then I had $400 to play with. (My 2 hundred starting roll and the 200 I won).
In just over a week I tripled it! Not bad at all.
I will keep running the pokerbot at the same limits for now because I went ahead and purchased PokerRNG. I couldn't help myself, plus I have the extra couple bucks now to experiment. That was my whole point anyway.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Another long night at the tables...

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Software analysis-

My name is Doug, and I'm an online poker enthusiast. Or more accurately, I'm a die-hard poker player. The purpose of this blog is to record my findings in regards to the validity of certain software applications that are touted to be 'miracles' of the online poker world.

I am not some kind of mad scientist. I am not a professional critic. I am not a software engineer, or any kind of 'expert' on the technical nuances of online gaming. But I do play poker. ALOT of poker.

I've played for 4 years runing now, and like most online poker players I have had my ups and my downs. The question is... does there exist software that truly improves your chances of winning on a consistent basis?

The short answer is I really don't know. At least not yet.

I have purchased probably every single 'e-book' on the subject of online poker. I even foolishly bought every too-good-to-be-true offer on how to guaratee winning by 'cheating' somehow. Although some of the techniques in these books have shades of value, I have come to the conclusion that only software can possibly help. Maybe.

I've tried out a few calculators and such to see if they help, and they do. But obviously they only assist in calculating odds and 'possible' probabilities. They don't, and can't actually give me the advantage* that I'm looking for. *Read 'ever elusive holy grail'.

I'm talking about online poker software such as Pokerbots, Random Number Generator Decoders, and even software that claims it can 'see' hole cards. No, I'm not holding my breath on the latter.
But I am on a journey of sorts to find out once and for all what works, and what doesn't. My plan is to purchase and thoroughly test all that is available to truly see if I can gain a 'computerized' advantage.

My first purchase is a fully automated 'poker bot'. The website makes some pretty remarkable claims. To me the claims seem outrageous. But apparantly there's chatter in some of the popular forums that it's actually working for some people. Who knows. I have to find out for myself.

My weaknesses in the game are obvious to me. I capitulate. When I get tired I make bad choices. My brain simply gets lazy. So I figure all I needed was a calculator to assist me with the math. But I still get tired being that the only way to profit online is to 'grind' it out. No glorious quick kills. No smashing, no grabbing. Just good old fashioned grinding.

As far as I understand, only a poker bot can juggle these tasks. But do they work? I can tell you that I'm excited to find out. Doubtful, but never the less excited.

So I'm starting with first only because it's half the price of another piece of software that I plan on testing which is called PokerRNG. The website claims it can predict the shuffle. Are these people crazy? Are people quietely making money using these things while I remain the cautious skeptic?

Well I can't resist any longer and hereby offer myself as an official guinea pig.

If I don't get too busy, bored or lazy I will post my results, and my critique for whatever that's worth. But I do know online poker and know exactly what I'm looking for.