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Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'm obsessed

Ok, so I've been running PokerRNG for 4 hours now. Interesting. So far so good. Well, let me clarify...

It's only been 4 hours and the software has been solid. But I'm not convinced yet. I mean it could be like betting on the red/black at the roulette wheel. It could be falling on red for the last four hours and then suddenly fall on black and stay there for the next 40 hours.

Only time will tell. So far so good so I obviously will stick with it.

I did come across a very similar product called PowerPokerWizard. This RNG software seems to hail from England, but basically offers the same service: tracking the randomn number generators.
It seems to be offered at a different price, but I will stick with PokerRNG for now. I wanna see what this baby can do.
If it can make any money, and I mean ANY money I will be thrilled. I never complain about the size of a profit.


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